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By using this website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Content

    1. The content and information contained on the pages of this website is for general information only, and may be changed at any time without notice.
    2. The use of any information, or communication from this website is entirely at your own risk. It is the responsibility of the customer, and not Barrett & Co. Consultancy Ltd. to ensure that the products ordered cover their specific requirements.
    3. Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. Do not offer any guarantee regarding the promptness, accuracy, performance, or suitability of the goods, services or information offered on this website. You, as the consumer, acknowledge that any information and materials found on this website may contain inaccuracies or errors and Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. specifically exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.
    4. The consumer, at any time during the use of the website, or at any time thereafter, or as required by law or any other relevant authority or unless expressly authorised in writing by Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. Company Director may not use, copy, divulge, communicate, procure, allow, or permit to be used, copy, publish, divulged or communicate to any person, firm, company or organisation, any website communication, in whatever form including in an electronic or documentary form or otherwise, concerning the business transactions, affairs, publications, working methods, designs or services of, products or services that you may have received or obtained whilst using the website (whether directly or indirectly) including, but not limited to:
      a) Information or personal data of whatever nature concerning the business, finances, assets, liabilities, dealings, transactions, know how, licensees, suppliers, customers, processes or affairs of the Company or any other company, firm, person or other entity with whom Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. have had dealings with of any sort.
    5. By using this website you acknowledge that should a dispute arise from the use of this website that you are bound by the laws of England, northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  2. General Terms and Conditions

    1. Pricing:
      All pricing on the website is shown in £ pounds sterling and is subject to change.
    2. Credit Card Payments:
      Credit, or debit card payments are taken in good faith and any fraudulent use of this facility will instantly be reported to the relevant authorities and further action may be taken.
    3. Cancellation:
      All cancellations of Services or Goods must be made with written consent on terms which compensate Barrett & co Consultancy Ltd. for any losses incurred.
    4. Possession of Goods:
      The right of possession of goods or services will not pass to the consumer until full payment has been received by Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd.
    5. Loss or Damage:
      Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. must be informed, in writing, of any loss or damage to goods or services within 5 working days of the delivery date. Any risk involved is passed on to the consumer as soon as the product or service is delivered to the stated address. Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. does not accept any responsibility for any goods or services damaged in transit whilst in the possession of a third party such as a courier, or other third party.
    6. Design and Specification:
      The design and specification of products or services may be altered without notification.
    7. Guarantee or Warranty:
      No liability will be accepted by Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. for any divergence of any periods, or terms and conditions by any third-party supplier. No claim may be lodged with Barrett Co. Consultancy Ltd. for any loss of earnings, damage, or inconvenience, or cost incurred by said third-party supplier.
    8. Cooling Off Period:
      A cooling off period does not apply to some products or services as the artwork may have been passed to a third party previous to the colling off period being completed. Any other cooling off period will correspond to the legal requirements depending on the products or services.
    9. Delivery:
      The delivery date quoted is an estimated delivery date and may be subject to delay beyond our control. No compensation will made for deliveries that fall outside the estimated delivery date.
    10. Returns:
      All returns must be agreed in writing by Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. and comply with the restrictions stated in clause 2.5 of this document (Loss or damage). Barrett & Co. Consultancy Ltd. reserve the right to decline returns if correct procedures have not been followed, or if they do not meet the requirements of clause 2.5.
  3. Inventions and Other Intellectual Property

    1. Artwork
      All photographs, characters, and any other communications in word or image form belong, or are licensed to Barrett & Co Consultancy Ltd. Any unauthorised use, or copying of any communication is considered to be an infringement, and must be reported to the company Director of Barrett & Co. Consultancy Ltd.