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What transformations can we bring to you personally? How can you feel better because of working with us?

We work closely with you to realise a much deeper understanding of food, and its challenges and opportunities. Our personal programmes offer bespoke services to help you become more confident, positive, and comfortable in your own skin whilst working towards changing the way you think about food.

Health and its limitations on the individual are more typically discussed in a physical frame. However, here at Gastrognome we believe it is also important to look at health through a mental health lens, and from a holistic perspective.

Our Food, Frame of Mind programmes allow you to explore your relationship with food and discover how a change in diet could initiate a change in mood. From teenage angst to mood swings, to symptoms of the menopause and beyond there is something for everyone. With a range of options available you can also choose a level of engagement that suits you.

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Food and Mood sessions are available during opening hours which are:

Monday 6pm – 9pm

Tuesday 6pm – 9pm

Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

Thursday 6pm – 9pm

Friday 4pm – 9pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday 9am – 5pm


If you feel like you are ready to commit 100% for the long term then our Food, a Frame of Mind Banquet is the one for you.


3 Course Dinner

Okay, so you’re a very busy person, still want to commit 100%, but for the short term, maybe the Food, a Frame of Mind 3 Course Dinner is what you need?


Mini Bites

This one is for you if you have one specific small topic or challenge you would like to discuss. No frills, no fuss, straight to the point.


Taster Menu

Hmm, not sure what all of this is about? Sign up to our Taster Session and dip your toe in the water of Food, a Frame of Mind. It’s only half an hour!