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Change Comes From Within

Get ready to change the way you think about food!

Gastrognome specialises in Food Education, Research and Food Consultancy. We also have a strong focus on Health, mental and physical, in relation to food and exercise.

What does Gastrognome do?

We enable customers to understand and interpret food from a multidimensional perspective.

From a business perspective, this enables us, and them, to reach and appeal to a wider audience.

From an individual’s viewpoint, this enables us to work with you to change the way you think about food.

Mhairi Barrett (MSc, BSc)
Mhairi Barrett (MSc, BSc)

What is unique about us?

What makes us different from other businesses in our field is that we approach the topic of food from a holistic perspective. Having a background in Psychology/Sociology, Gastronomy and Health, in addition to 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of sectors within the food industry enables us to look at food, and all the challenges associated with food, from many standpoints, and from outside the box.

What is most important to us?

We are committed to offering customers expert assistance, but also to delivering value for money and results.

Our Aim

We aim to plant the seed, and facilitate the correct environment for the seed to grow, then stand back and watch it flourish.

What are our core values?

  1. Balance and Sustainability
  2. Gastrognome firmly believes that ‘change comes from within’. Be it from within a business, an individual, or a community
  3. In relation to our community and academic work:

We have always believed that every individual is entitled to have access to good, safe and healthy food. We realised, from many years researching, and working in the field, that access is not only a physical challenge; access to food is also a cultural challenge. We aim to address these difficulties and work together in partnership towards a solution in whatever way we can.

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How will your business be improved?

From a business perspective we offer tailored, practical solutions, strategies, and plans of action, to encourage efficiency, and ultimately make your business more successful.

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