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Social Impact

Offering both Communications and Research-based consultancy


Introducing healthy eating habits from a young age with the help of Gastropaws

The Gastrognome (Mhairi) has opened my eyes to my relationship with food from what I ate and cooked to how I shopped. Helping me to realise that yes, I can cook and I don’t have to spend a fortune to serve healthy and tasty meals for the family.


In my many interactions with The gastrognome (Mhairi) over the years she has demonstrated an enlightened approach to food and health. Combining her food knowledge with her understanding of social issues and community needs, enables her to engage with individuals and businesses in innovative ways. All of this is enhanced by her sparkling personality.

Dr Jules

The Gastrognome (Mhairi) is a dedicated, passionate professional whose knowledge and experience in food poverty, community, and training in cooking classes and food hygiene is second to none.


The Gastrognome (Mhairi) is an honest, professional and knowledgeable advocate for ensuring food is fun and accessible for everyone. Whether you’re an self confessed foodie, looking to build your knowledge, skills and confidence in food and cooking or somewhere in between; Mhairi will work with you to find the right balance and reach your goals. As well as bringing a wealth of professional expertise, Mhairi’s vibrant personality and unbreakable commitment are all part of the service.


The Gastrognome (Mhairi) is really passionate about making fresh, healthy food. She runs classes at local the primary school, bowling club and in the community where she demonstrates that homemade food is easy to prepare, affordable most of all very tasty!!


The Gastrognome (Mhairi) Is an amazing teacher, her knowledge of food is great!. I absolutely love her techniques and ways of getting people to enjoy her way of thinking. Her food makes you wish to go back, and she makes you want to try her techniques at home. Her food makes you feel very happy. And she is a fantastic person to have conversation with.


I have been on a lot of courses but this by far was the best! After many years away from work I had to complete a course for my new job. I was nervous especially with an exam to pass at the end but Mhairi made it fun and informative at the same time. I passed and that was down to Mhairi's teaching skills!

What is unique about us?

We approach the topic of food from a holistic perspective